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You may browse and order through our website:
You will find our products, designs, full specifications and pricing in their respective categories and item pages. Some items have a dropdown selection where you can find different options available.

1. Do you give discount for volume/ bulk orders?
Sorry, prices as displayed on the website only.

2. Can your wrappers be purchased in smaller quantities?
Wrappers are sold in packs of 100 pcs but can be 4 designs x 25 pieces each, can be different name/s per design, can be designs from different categories (Ex. Christmas with classic).

Click on the dropdown selection to order the design in 100's,50's. 25's. Make sure to complete an order of 100pcs.

3. What is your current lead time for delivery?
As of June 22, 2024: Pls allow 12 business days (M-F) from date of payment, with payment

notification from customer and our acknowledgment. 

Bulk orders may require longer time, you may consult with us first.  Please email:

If we get done sooner, we ship right away.


4. Do you submit proofs for approval?
Sorry, we do not submit proofs (drafts/ lay-out) prior to printing.

5. What are your payment methods?
BPI and GCash. 
A link to account details will be provided at check out

Account details will also be emailed when we receive your order.


6. How are your items packaged?

- Notecards w/ envelopes in 'NCC' 'NCL' 'NCX' 'NBB'  item codes:  Kraft box bottom with clear acetate cover tied with gold string 

-Wrappers - packed flat in one plastic with board backing for all 100 sheets, mixed designs are combined in one pack, not packaged separately.

- Gift tags in GC and GL codes, stickers, money envelopes, angpaos are in resealable plastic..

- Scallop notecards in clear, acetate box.

7. Why do I encounter password protected pages.

Sorry, this means we have closed the product page/s and these products are unavailable at this time.

8. If I have print requirements that require customisation, special design and lay-out,  will you be able to accommodate?
Sorry we are unable to accommodate at this time. 

9. Do you print invites, business related prints and the like? 
Sorry we are unable to accommodate custom design requests at this time but if you have print-ready files, we can.

10. Do you take orders by phone/ Viber/ Messenger?
Sorry, no. We have made our website as efficient as we can for order taking and we prefer correspondence by email for inquiries. (Email:

11. Do you have a physical store? Sorry, no.

12. Do you ship internationally? Sorry, no.
13. Can I arrange pick up for my order? Sorry, no.

14. Do your prints smear or bleed when they get in contact with water? No, our machines are all high performance, commercial printers. We print everything in-house so you get fresh, professional prints all the time.


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